I walk into my last grandparent’s house for the final time. The appraisers have tagged every lamp, couch, bowl, everything that was his. My family has picked through all of the rooms and what are left are things that no one finds sentimental enough to keep. There’s a single lamp on the floor of his bedroom, his favorite chair in his office, silver that was barely used, dolls I played with as a child in the attic. It’s a weird feeling knowing that it’s the last time you’ll step foot in the house you are so found of. Where you shared so many memories with the people you love. As I took photographs of the remnants left behind, I realized it has been two years since he passed: two years for strangers and family to rummage through all the rooms, all his private possessions. There’s an emptiness to the house now. The warmth from the rooms are gone. I look at all the tags that hang from everything. Numbers everywhere. I photograph every room, every item. I want to document my last moments in the house, document the remaining items that belonged to him. This is the last portrait of my grandfather and I wanted to capture everything.

12” x 15” Platinum/Palladium Prints

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